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We are your local Marquee Specialists!

We provide you the most affordable pop up marquees with excellent quality.

Our frames and fabrics are custom designed for the Australian climate. With these special designed frames and fabrics, our marquees perform well under rough conditions and are built to last.

Prices & Accessories:



  Model Price List:

 Size (M)  Picture  Price (AUD)  Capacity
 2.4 * 2.4    $ 630  8 people standing or 6 seated
 3.0 * 3.0    $ 699  12 people standing or 8 seated
 4.5 * 3.0    $ 935
 20 people standing or 14 seated
 6.0 * 3.0    $ 1199  25 people standing or 20 seated
 3.6 * 3.6    $ 880  20 people standing or 12 seated
 7.2 * 3.6    $ 1499  36 people standing or 26 seated
* Prices are GST included.


The following accessories come with each marquee:

 Carry Bag  Sand Bags   Pegs   Ropes   Instructions

Customization Service :

Signage is part of our services                                      



We specialise not only in "off the shelf" marquees, but can also provide graphic design and screen printing. You can customise your signage with logos, text or images on the roof panels, valance or wall in your designer colours.



Aluminium Frame

 Out Leg  Size  30mm * 30mm
   Thickness  1.8mm
 Inner Leg  Size  25mm * 25mm
   Thickness  1.7mm
 Scissors Tube  Size  25mm * 12mm
   Thickness  1.6mm


Orange Instant Up Marquees  feature a complex extrusion on both the legs and the truss bars. The thickness of 1.8mm gives them an unrivalled strength and stability.


The grade of aluminium we use has been approved by TUV (An authorised German organisation to approve for testing products to VDE standards


 * Polyester, 900D x 300D, with PU coated
 * Breathable Breathable PU milky coating finish
 * Winter Proofing -20 Degree
 * 99.5% UV Protected
 * Fire Retardant
 * Color Fast
 * 99% Water Resistant


With the new fabric, even when the temperature reaches 40°C, it will feel like it's only 20°C. It stays completely cool under our shade.

Setting Up :

There are only four Easy Steps to Erect the Marquee:

 Step 1  
 Step 2  
 Step 3  
 Step 4  

After these easy steps, your Orange Marquee is ready to go!
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